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Dictionary 0.5 - Released beta version ๐Ÿ“˜

ยท 3 min read
Fabio Russo

Release Description#

The Matchplat dictionary is a dictionary that allows you to enter:

  • company name
  • multiple tokens
  • multiple codes

And have as output:

  • Naics
  • Nace
  • HS
  • Sic
  • Matchplat code
  • Related tokens (for tokens only)

In this way the end user can study the target market by browsing the results given by the dictionary.

The Dictionary is currently in Beta. Its features are constantly under modification and it may be offline or not working for short or long periods of time.

Input field#

By inserting data inside the input field, you're forced to select one of the dictionary suggestions. You can't enter random company name or tokens or codes.
You can choose a suggestion by clicking on it from the dropdown or by accepting the first suggestion you'll see behind the text you're inserting with "Enter" or "Right Arrow"

Company name#

You can insert a single company name and the dictionary will give you back that company codes.


By inserting the codes (one or more) you will have in output every single code entered and all its relative ones present in the ictionary. For example, by inserting a NACE code, the relative NAICS, SIC, HS and Matchplat Code will be displayed if present.


It is possible to insert single words like "wood" or more consecutive words like "wood furniture" to have in output all the codes that contain all the words inserted. In the event that even just one word entered is not present in any code, together with the others, then there will be no results.

Codes or Tokens mode#

You can search tokens or codes but not tokens and codes together.

Selection Box#

For tokens and codes a selection box will appear in the home page right side of the screen when you start to add codes or tokens from the input field. Inside of that you'll see all the codes or tokens you added to your "search list".
By clicking the "Search listed" button, a new search will be made with all the data in your "Selection Box".


By clicking on the note icon near the code itself, this will be saved inside your notes for future reference.

Result Page#

Most codes in the result page are clickable, and by clicking on them a new search with that code will be executed. For example by clicking a NAICS relative to the NACE you inserted in input, you can start a new search with that NAICS as input. These kind of results are inside the Selectable boxes, if they're present.

Update 29/11/2021#


Correction for links (token, code, home)

Update 20/12/2021#

Dev Stuff ๐Ÿ’ป#

  • Small improvements for the code.
  • Using new management for local storage for new and old browsers.


  • You can now add a code to a project. You can select a project to save your code in, a new one or an already created one.
  • You can save your code on a clipboard from the notes by clicking the save icon or the code number itself.

Search Bar#

  • The bar is now also in the results page

Update 10/01/2022#

Dev Stuff ๐Ÿ’ป#

  • Added code types into Storage


  • All codes can be saved