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Explore 2.7 - DEV ๐Ÿ‘ฅ

ยท 3 min read
Fabio Russo

TEST in progress


This release of Matchplat Explore has as its core the inclusion of the new People page, now available to everyone in the platform.
The new page replicates the appearance of the interface dedicated to Companies and has access to functionality very similar to the latter.


Dev Stuff ๐Ÿ’ป#

Modified many components and added a SidebarFilter with shared logics between Companies and People pages.
Added a new version of Crono.
Bug fixing tracked on GitHub.


The new Sidebar includes features already present in the current version, but made more intuitive by the new apply filters and clean filters buttons.

In addition to the new buttons, we have made the Sidebar more visible to the user by having it open from the moment the user enters the People and Companies pages.

The Sidebar is a single component and shares filters between the two pages, thus making the user have a much more pleasant browsing and search experience.

The dropdown actually present on the table, from which it was previously possible to select groups or views such as: Favorites, Hidden, etc. has been removed. Currently all selections are made available to the user through the Sidebar.

People Icon in Map#

We have added a new icon in the map for companies that contain at least one People.
This makes it easier to work from the map.



We have slightly modified the approach with groups, making greater use of the presence of the Sidebar.


It is now possible to filter by groups only through the Sidebar and Dashboard. A new button (more in line with the new graphics) has been added for creating and editing groups.


Infinite Groups#

The ability to create an infinite number of groups has been added.

The color of the new group will be generated automatically, but it will be possible to change its RGB with three simple slides, in case you want to customize it.


Add to a new Group#

It is now possible to add companies to a group that does not yet exist.

Once the companies have been selected, the user will be given the option of creating a group that will automatically include the new companies within it.

newGroupIcon newGroupModal

Current Page#

Because the Companies and People are paginated similarly, we have added a description of the current position in the platform, which also includes the filters applied.

It will be much easier for the user to understand what they are currently looking at.

currentPositionOne currentPositionTwo currentPositionThree