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Explore 2.0 - Old version ๐Ÿ’ฃ

ยท 5 min read
Fabio Russo

Release Description#

This release does not impact the use of the application and changes almost nothing on the interface.
With this release we have introduced new technologies, more modern and in line with today's standards.

Dev Stuff ๐Ÿ’ป#

We have modified the graph at the Back End level and the front-end code to use the new requests.


Companies Table#

  • Is now possible to filter by City and Name
  • No more "Enrich" and "Connect" upselling buttons

Update 17/11/2021#

Dev Stuff ๐Ÿ’ป#

Managing states in front-end in progress (less loading time and a more overall enjoyable navigation).


There is now a general project overview page that contains a preview of your exploration and its iterations. On this page there is a guided "tutorial" that specifies to each user what to do within his project, prompting him to carry out actions such as: create groups; add notes; study the charts.

  • Favourite companies and companies with the highest score
  • Groups
  • Heat Map
  • Notes
  • New iteration button
  • Tutorial
  • Iterations list


  • Your Explorations button

Update 22/11/2021#


  • Open Companies from list
  • New Expand icons
  • Show/Hide Tutorial
  • "See more" button at the end of the companies list
  • Title for HeatMap and code ready for Top Cities

Update 23/11/2021#

Company Modal#

  • Now displaying emails taken from websites

Update 29/11/2021#


  • Multiple Notes
  • Comments on Groups
  • Best 5 cities on map
  • UI changes for impagination and text sixe

Update 30/11/2021#


  • Clicking on one of the top cities will show the companies in that city
  • Clicking on an empty group will show the table, clicking on the eye near the comments will show the companies in that group

Update 03/11/2021#


  • New progress bar in steps for tutorial. Now the bar is divided between the "overview phase" and the "exploration check" phase

Update 07/11/2021#


  • On Hover effect on companies list (It's more clear you can click on the company)
  • Fixed some translations

Update 15/12/2021#

New Exploration#

  • Info button for the company status, similar to the company category info button

Update 23/12/2021#

New Exploration#

  • Import codes from dictionary

Update 06/01/2022#

Release Description#

This release collects a very large number of changes on both the front-end and the back-end.
It introduces numerous features and almost completely changes the code previously used in Explore.

Dev Stuff ๐Ÿ’ป#


Major changes to the entire project file and folder structure in the front-end.
Changes to the whole UI to align it with new requests.
Modification of the structure of the internal states of the project, with a complete rewrite of all the data logics and graphQl calls for the whole project.


GraphQl moved from .net to node with storage migration on Elasticsearch.
The Matchy engine rewritten in .net with scalable and horizontal architecture.
RabbitMQ (for exchanging messages between back-end services) and Docker Swarm were also introduced.


The placeholder structure of the People feature has been added.
This means that at the moment it is possible to view the new feature but with placeholder data that does not reflect what will be seen in the release phase.
People is present within the company modal:
View the staff of a company; save an employee as a favorite or hide him; view favorite or hidden employees.
Overview page:
Check all the favourite people in your project; manage the favourites

Codes management#

Front-end NACE codes will always be shown with a "." after the second digit, with the standard structure "xx.xx".
It is not possible anymore to insert NACE like "xxxx" but only like "xx.xx" in the new creation form.

Dictionary Imports#

It is possible to import only NAICS and NACE

Companies Table#

By inserting filters in the table (company name, city), the respective column labels are colored with the secondary color.
It is thus easier to notice that there is an active filter.


Inverted the eye icons to hide or show. Now the action of hiding or show a company or a person is more clear.

Update 07/01/2022#


  • It's now possible to filter by hotwords
  • The list is now paginated

Update 11/01/2022#


  • New marks for the map

Update 12/01/2022#

Dev Stuff ๐Ÿ’ป#

Lowered the number of calls to Back End in companies list


  • Fixed many translations
  • Fixed the marker's color in the company detail modal
  • Fixed marker's color for lighter color selections
  • Fixed company list update in Overview page (previously the list was not updated correctly on user changes)

New Exploration#

  • Changed the list of countries

Update 14/01/2022#

New Exploration#

  • Fixed list of countries

Company Modal#

  • Larger modal
  • Chart for hotwords

Update 17/01/2022#


  • You can now add a person to People from the companies modals

Update 04/02/2022#

Explore 2.0 is now live

Dev Stuff ๐Ÿ’ป#

Managed loadings and refetch for People and Companies table