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Explore 1.5 - Old version ๐Ÿ‘พ

ยท 3 min read
Fabio Russo

Release Description#

Release 1.5 contains numerous changes in both layout and functionality. We have grouped in it a series of requests from different Matchplat departments.


The loadings within the application have been modified to reflect the most modern interface standards.
We have replaced the classic Spinners with animated structures that replace components not yet on screen. We're currently reworking all the Back End of the Application, and soon we will also make changes to the loading times.


The dropdown are now managed with clicks. It is no longer possible to lose your selections by exiting the area.
In addition, some modals have been enlarged and in the Download modal more space has been given to the user to select the options while not covering all the modal space. Enrich, Connect and Download dropdowns now close automatically when an option is selected.


The word "project" has been replaced with "exploration" within the app. There is more consistency with the nomenclature between the various pages.

Dev Stuff ๐Ÿ’ป#

The application now makes use of Typescript.
We have replaced all .jsx and .js code in the application with .tsx and .ts code.
Using Typescript it is now easier to handle errors during development, exchange information on component behavior and create standards.


Projects List#

  • Changed the default to more recent in the reorder filter.
  • No more grey footer with logo at bottom page. More space for smaller desktops.
  • Fixed the behavior showing a looping Spinner when there were no projects.
  • Now you can "clone" a project from the "See" button's dropdown. The clone will open a new project, filling the input fields with data from the selected project.
  • Active projects separated from inactive ones (not yet open or in progress)

Company Details#

  • Trimmed the url. There will be no infinitely large Company Modal anymore.
  • No more Contacts area.

Companies Table#

  • We added more pages in the pagination component. The range of selectable page is now wider.
  • Filter by name is now managed with clicks. You can't lose your search anymore moving the mouse out of the filter area. We also added a "reset" button to clear the filter and the ENTER input to start a research.
  • You can now insert comments directly in the company row. The comment will be saved when there's no typing in action anymore.
  • Hiding pagination while loading to prevent memory leak from calling the Back End repeatedly.

Boolean filters#

  • It is now possible to know the number of companies that will be shown.
  • It's not possible to insert bad queries anymore (like missing parenthesis).

Project Analysis#

  • We changed the layout of the page. Now the map and pies are at top of page. Iterations at the bottom (we're going to change the iterations layout with future releases).
  • Resized the iteration chart, now is smaller.
  • No more empty data in keywords list.

New Project creation#

  • Using all three steps. Step 1 has all the Project data and the starting database creation. The AI keywords are in Step 2. The recap in Step 3. Now the reason why the insertion of words does not change the number of companies in the starting database, is clearer.